To be perfectly honest with you…. We are not the best. We are not some trendy, futuristic, up-to-date-with-the-latest-hardware nerds.

But…. We are a group of extremely hard working crazy people striving to get better and better at what we do every day.

What We Do?

We are not very keen on splitting up the team and isolating each other’s work. So we do everything together (as usual) : pixel art, soundtrack, voice acting, coding.

Let’s say we place some people who are thinking and looking at things very differently from each other in a small room. Guess what ? Yes. You’re right (or not). Nothing happens.

In the end, we are simpy focusing on your own enjoyment. User experience, filled with fun! We know it’s impossible to make everyone content but we are hoping to at least make most people smile !

Our Stuff

Get your hands RIGHT NOW on our EPIC LEGENDARY WORKS here!!!


One Last Thing

We are believing that we played enough. We wanted to be a spark for people with dreams out there.

For requests, bug (haha) or mariage proposals just write to: nabery@rakunzel.com.

We will be reading whatever you send with a smile on our faces.



Shoot'Em Forever: VR Space Shooter

All alone in the infinitive space. Destroyed lots but more will come.
Survive, Captain! You are the only hope of mankind.

Normal Mode: Find your enemies by moving your device 360°. Destroy your enemies using speed and firing controls.

VR (Virtual Reality) Mode : Move around a 360° angle and find your enemies. The Automatic Firing System will be activated as long as you have a valid target.

Shoot Em Forever, VR (Virtual Reality) can be played with any of your equipments possessing a gyroscope. For the best experience, please play with virtual reality glasses.

Defend That Tower: AR Game

Dark creatures are awakening. The wizard calls you. Help them.

Collect points, gain strength and use your special attack.

In order to play the game you must use a marker from the link below.

Colored Marker

B&W Marker

You will get the best performance on a well lighted surface with a marker printed colored on A4 paper.

Valentina Shadow